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About the Author

A man for all seasons, Don is a former journalist, newspaper editor, news announcer, disk jockey, photographer, photojournalist, feature writer, pants presser for Lee Jeans, delivery car driver, television personality and systems consultant. At times he has been sinner and saint, rich and poor, lost and found and always involved in what is going on.

As a freethinker, her reserves the right to change his mind about anything at any time if it suits him. Never one to take himself seriously, Don enjoys life especially pulling leg's and keeping his tongue in cheek. Although, he has been involved in serios scholarship, he avoids it as much as possible unless forced to do so.

Don is irreverent, testy, salty, holier than thou, opinionated, soft, and hard as nails, inquisitive and totally undeterred by establishment procedures. He considers himself a freethinker and a pseudo-intellectual. Nothing is sacred and all things are open for discussion. Still, unbelieving as he might be, he cares about the world and the people in it.

His other publications include a book of essays and a book of poetry. Before turning strictly to creative writing, the majority of Donís work has been in the corporate designing training curriculum, marketing collaterals, corporate presentations, speeches and public speaking.

However, before joining the corporate world Don wrote and edited for a small newspaper The Pittsburg Morning Sun in Pittsburg, Kansas. He later worked as a reporter, editor and photographer with the Tulsa Tribune. During that time, he was also a stringer for the Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star and Associated Press. Donís other work includes numerous appearances in small poetry magazines and opinion columns.

A former traveling professional musician, Don's favorite hobbies are playing guitar or keyboards, talking (debating) and drawing. Before turning strictly to creative writing, the majority of Don's work has been published in newspapers and magazines.

He admits to degrees in journalism and English but sees little value in them other than he managed to persevere to get his sheepskin (fake)--but his mother loved it.

Don is editor of a new web site for African American Writers called "The Write Thing," a quarterly journal for unpublished writers and artists from and about the African American experience. The web site is at http://www.thewritething.atfreeweb.com.